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Weekend in Prince Edward County

My friends and I took a weekend trip to Prince Edward County (PEC) over the summer and it was the perfect weekend getaway! Located between Toronto and Ottawa, it is a great place to meet up with friends. PEC has become a popular girls weekend, couples escape, and bachelorette location - but for good reason as it has so much to offer!

Over the years I have tried to escape to the county each summer to explore all that PEC has to offer! This itinerary allows you plenty of time to explore the area while also relaxing with whomever you decide to go on this adventure with! Even though I went with a group of girls, this itinerary would be perfect for a couple or even for a bachelorette!

To get to PEC, we drove from Toronto, which is just under a 2.5-hour drive. If you are looking to rent a car, I would suggest using Discover Cars to find the best car rental deal.

Check out my blog posts for more details about my travels to Prince Edward County.

  1. Hotel

    1. 1

      The Lakeside Motel

      Image 1 of The Lakeside Motel.
      Image 2 of The Lakeside Motel.
      Image 3 of The Lakeside Motel.
      Image 4 of The Lakeside Motel.

      We decided to stay at the Lakeside Motel as we wanted somewhere on Lake Ontario. It was perfect for us as it was located right in Wellington, had an awesome pool, and overall great vibes for a fun girls weekend.

      Click here if you want to explore other hotels in the area!

  2. Day 1: Friday

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      Explore Picton

      Image 1 of Explore Picton.
      Image 2 of Explore Picton.
      Image 3 of Explore Picton.
      Image 4 of Explore Picton.
      Image 5 of Explore Picton.
      Image 6 of Explore Picton.

      We arrived around noon on Friday and started off the weekend by exploring Picton. We checked out some of the adorable shops including Luna Boutique and Zest Kitchen Shop. We also grabbed ice cream at Slicker’s Ice Cream (the campfire flavour is the BEST).

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      Lunch - The Royal Hotel

      Image 1 of Lunch - The Royal Hotel.

      We then headed over to The Royal Hotel for a late lunch and afternoon drink. This hotel did not disappoint. The aesthetics are on point and we all enjoyed our meal.

      They also serve brunch and so you could easily push this stop up in the day if you are looking for a brunch spot!

      The Royal is also a great option of somewhere to stay if you are looking to be right in the heart of Picton.

    3. 3

      Explore Bloomfield

      Image 1 of Explore Bloomfield.
      Image 2 of Explore Bloomfield.

      We then explored the adorable stores in Bloomfield. I would recommend going to Bloomfield Public House for a coffee, and checking out both the Kokito shops!

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      Crimson Cider Company

      Image 1 of Crimson Cider Company.
      Image 2 of Crimson Cider Company.

      As some of the girls are big cider fans, we decided to stop at Crimson Cider Company and all enjoyed a flight of their cider slushies. A great way to cool off on a hot summer day!

    5. 5

      Hotel Check-in

      45min·6:15PM - 7:00PM

      We checked into our hotel and then walked to dinner. It allowed all of us to enjoy some amazing cocktails over dinner!

    6. 6

      Dinner - La Condensa

      Image 1 of Dinner - La Condensa.
      Image 2 of Dinner - La Condensa.

      With amazing tacos and tostadas, this restaurant is a must when in PEC. The crispy fish taco was a fan favourite!

    7. 7

      Chill at the Hotel

      We had bought some cider at Crimson and so we cracked open a bottle and enjoyed a girls night-in at our hotel.

    8. 8

      (Optional) The Hayloft Dancehall

      If you are looking for an activity to do at night, one of the only activities open late in the county is The Hayloft Dancehall. Check out their website for details about upcoming events.

  3. Day 2: Saturday

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      Wellington Farmers Market

      We started off our morning by walking down Wellington Main St to the Farmer’s Market. It runs on Saturday’s from 8am-1pm.

      We bought some breakfast and fresh fruits that we enjoyed during our next activity!

    2. 2

      Sandbanks Beach

      Image 1 of Sandbanks Beach.
      Image 2 of Sandbanks Beach.
      Image 3 of Sandbanks Beach.

      We headed to Sandbanks for a morning of lounging on the beach and enjoying the beautiful waters of Lake Ontario. 

      This was a favourite for many of my beach loving friends. We brought spikeball and had a little competition before relaxing in the water. 

      Check out this post here for more details!

    3. 3

      Lunch - Norman Hardie Winery

      Image 1 of Lunch - Norman Hardie Winery .
      Image 2 of Lunch - Norman Hardie Winery .

      By the time we got to Norman Hardie we were starving. We enjoyed some wood fire pizza and salads, and of course some wine! With lots of outdoor seating we didn’t have to wait long for a table.

    4. 4

      Closson Chase Vineyard

      Image 1 of Closson Chase Vineyard.
      Image 2 of Closson Chase Vineyard.
      Image 3 of Closson Chase Vineyard.
      Image 4 of Closson Chase Vineyard.

      A weekend in the country wouldn’t be complete without a visit to a few vineyards. We enjoyed some wine tasting at Closson Chase Winery. Although I loved Closson Chase, there are many other wineries you can visit in the area if you wish. Check out the post here for more details.

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      Old Salt Cocktail Bar

      Image 1 of Old Salt Cocktail Bar.
      Image 2 of Old Salt Cocktail Bar.
      Image 3 of Old Salt Cocktail Bar.

      The group's favourite activity of the weekend was our visit to the Old Salt Cocktail Bar. Amazing atmosphere with fun outdoor games, friendly staff, and of course delicious cocktails made this a great stop for our group.

    6. 6

      Dinner - Lakeside Motel

      Image 1 of Dinner - Lakeside Motel.
      Image 2 of Dinner - Lakeside Motel.
      Image 3 of Dinner - Lakeside Motel.
      Image 4 of Dinner - Lakeside Motel.

      We finished off the day with dinner at our Motel. Their dinner was delicious and the garlic aioli fries were 10/10. We enjoyed even more cocktails, and knowing that we didn’t have to drive again that day made for a great time for everyone!

  4. Day 3: Sunday

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      Brunch at The Drake

      Image 1 of Brunch at The Drake.
      Image 2 of Brunch at The Drake.
      Image 3 of Brunch at The Drake.

      2hr·9:00AM - 11:00AM

      We started off the morning with brunch at the Drake! It can get quite busy so I would recommend making a reservation or going early. 

      The restaurant has great views of Lake Ontario, fun decor, and the chicken and waffles were a big hit. 

      Drake is also such a cool spot to stay for a weekend away in PEC! Check out the hotel here.

    2. 2

      Enjoy the Hotel Pool

      Image 1 of Enjoy the Hotel Pool.

      We finished off the morning hanging at our hotel pool! It ended up being a very warm and sunny day, so relaxing and tanning at the pool was exactly what we all needed.

    3. 3


      Image 1 of Lemons.

      1hr·1:00PM - 2:00PM

      Before we parted ways, we stopped at Lemons for a delicious lemonade. We all tried a different flavours and it was the perfect way to end the weekend!